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DIY Felt Fabric Flowers

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So, finally! My girl friends and I got the time to bond over food (lots of food!), movies, and.. Well.. Scissors, papers, felt fabric, glue gun and flowers. πŸ™‚ When I decided to do some DIY stuff for our wedding, I have thought of asking my long time friends if they are willing to help. Of course, I wasn’t really expecting they’d agree but I know that they are very supportive. We support each other on whatever endeavors each of us embark on. πŸ™‚ But even before I got the courage to ask them, I had to consult my online friends, the Girl Talkers, whether it is okay to ask or will be too much to request from my bridesmaids. All of them suggested that it is okay and it would be a big help and if they are truly my close friends, they’d agree to help. So one day, I took a deep breath, swallowed my shyness away and asked them. And luckily, they were all willing to help! But of course, time was the problem.. But come to think of it, we had time to go out and watch a movie and even have coffee. Hahaha, so I guess we had the time, but not quite the “this is it” type of time. (I think that sentence was quite confusing..) Finally! After weeks of planning when we’ll get together for our so-called arts and crafts project, we got together on 5th February 2012. πŸ™‚

We were actually only 4, and 2 of them, Madz and Dona, Β arrived earlier than I expected. We weren’t even at home when they arrived! LOL. πŸ˜€ (I don’t usually say LOL, but I think LOL is applicable in blogs. :p) I had come home from shopping with my Mom when we found them waiting outside our apartment. :p We were actually on our way home when they called informing that they are outside our flat. Anyway, the 3rd girl, Jemi, went to church first and we had to pick her up from DQ. She got us ice cream by the way. :p

My girls all set for our project πŸ™‚

Food! We had so much food! We first ordered Dominos pizza, 1 large chicken legend with ranch sauce, 1 medium margarita pizza (with practically no cheese although it was supposed to be full of cheese), and 1 cheesy bread. Then my mom also cooked pancit bihon, and Madz brought some desserts made by her brother. She even had home made nacho dips and nacho chips to with it. πŸ˜€ Imagine the amount of food 4 girls had for the night! LOL. πŸ˜€

Our main meal for the night πŸ˜€

Dessert made by Madz's brother πŸ™‚

Before starting our project, we ate pizza and pancit first, then we started searching for floral patterns, printing them and cutting them. When Jemi arrived we’ve already started with the felt fabric.Β So after eating, she then proceed to cutting as well.

Madz, seriously cutting flowers πŸ™‚

Dona, super into what she's doing πŸ™‚

Dona, all smiles and enjoying our project πŸ™‚

Jemi, flower action! haha!

We also take breaks once in a while :p

Uh oh.. Caught on cam! :p

When we realized we had enough flowers, I decided to try and start putting them together.

Mixing and matching flowers of different sizes πŸ™‚

We've got lots and lots of flowers πŸ˜€

More flowers!

Few of the flowers made πŸ™‚

As of the moment, I think we have enough flowers for one big bouquet. πŸ™‚ My mom and I decided to stop cutting for the meantime and see if we require more or not. I’m actually excited to try and make a bouquet for me. Yey! πŸ˜€

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