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2nd Stop – Sg (Part 1)

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On to my next stop – Singapore. πŸ™‚

I left Dubai at 9:30AM on 16th March and arrived in Singapore same day at 9PM. Lav fetched me from the airport of course and we headed straight to their home in Tampines to leave some of my luggage. We then went out for a while to eat at a “hawker” (that’s a food court) coz I haven’t had dinner and I was feeling hungry. I ate noodles (I forgot the name) with chopsticks which was really a challenge for me. Lav also bought me a glass of water chestnut which was really good!

Upon arriving at Tampines


chopstickin’ haha!

After eating, we went back to their house to fix our things to bring to the hotel. Lav booked a room in Hotel Re!Β for an initial 3 nights, so we just got some of our stuff and went to the hotel to check in. We wanted to try out the hotel first before extending our stay for another 3 nights. Upon arriving in the hotel, I was really happy to see how colorful it was! I was all giddy and smiling and Lav was getting amused with my reaction. Our room was nice and cozy, and for us it was big enough for two persons. We were on the orange floor, so our room was also colored orange. πŸ˜› We didn’t get to go out that night since it was already late so we opt to stay in and watch Puss in Boots. πŸ˜›

The following morning, our agenda was to visit Sentosa Island since I wasn’t able to go there when I first visited Singapore 2 years ago. I couldn’t believe it was 2 years since my last visit. Anyway, we didn’t really get ready early coz I was really sleepy and I kept on asking for another 5 minutes of sleep. Hahaha! By the time we got on our way, it was time for lunch. When we got off at Sentosa station, we decided to have our lunch there first before roaming around the area. We had Bah Kut Teh, fried dough, tofu in some chinese sauce and water chestnut. The servings actually look small, but in reality when you start eating, they are enough to keep you full for the next couple of hours.

After lunch, we went on our way to the amusement park to amuse ourselves. Bwahaha! First off, we bought tickets for the Go Green Segway. We we’re scheduled at 1:30PM so while waiting we took our time go around the area a little bit and take some pictures. By 1:20PM, we were back at the booth and got ready for a short briefing about how to ride the Segway and little time for a practice ride. There were 6 of us and 2 trainers to assist us. After the briefing, we started our way around the park following the trainer. It was really fun! Although at the beginning I was finding it difficult to do the break and full stop, but while riding around, I finally go the hold of it. We rode the Segway for a total of 1 hour including the practice and briefing and taking pictures by the beach. πŸ˜€

Riding the Segway

Our stamp.. GoGreen, Go Segway!

After the Segway, we proceed to cue up on the Skyride and Luge. We did a whole lot of riding in Sentosa, I must say! Hahaha! We bought 2 tickets of 3 Skyrides and 3 Luge rides. The Skyride was quite scary because you’ll feel like you can slip off the seat and fall to the ground. It’s like riding an open cable car! I felt my stomach forming into knots as we went up higher and higher. Hahaha! At the top area of the hill, we got down to ride the Luge. Since it was our first time, we were taught the basics and after that we raced our way down the hill. I was wearing a dress and the wind was blowing into my skirt, practically exposing my legs and what-nots! Fortunately, in Singapore, nobody really cares! πŸ˜› We did all this for 3 times. πŸ™‚

Skyride.. On our way up!

Riding the Luge.. On our way down!

After that, we went around the park some more, stopping once in a while to take pictures here and there. We finally decided to go back to the hotel at around 4PM since I had scheduled a meet up with my other bride friends from Girl Talk by 5:30PM and dinner with my college friends who are now working in Singapore as well. We went back to the hotel to freshen up and change our clothes since we got all sweaty and sticky in Sentosa. We then headed straight to Orchard road and searched for the Coffee Club near 313 Somerset mall. By the time we go to Orchard, the sky was getting darker and rain was bound to fall. I called my bride friend, Diana, and asked where they are located, and finally saw them. I introduced Laviel to Diana and Alvie, my two bride friends from Girl Talk. And on went our stories about our respective wedding planning. We had a light snack, while chit chatting and sharing of lots and lots of stories. I shared with them the stories from our Dubai brides as well.

With sis Alvie and sis Diana

After about an hour, we had to part ways since we needed to meet with my college friends and after that we have to meet with Lav’s colleagues for some drinks. So we said our goodbyes for now in hopes to see each other again soon. πŸ™‚ Lav and I proceed to our next destination: Marina Bay. Our meeting place was the hawker near the Esplanade, otherwise known as Makansutra. By the time we got there, they were all complete and just waiting for us before ordering dinner. After the kiss and hugs here and there, Aisa, David and Laviel went to order us some food. πŸ™‚ We had an excellent dinner, and lots and lots of laughter as well. πŸ˜€

TOP (L to R): Ninya, David and Aisa
BOTTOM (L to R): Kitel, Gilbert and Mico

With the ladies

After dinner, we were supposed to head to ChjimesΒ to meet with Lav’s colleagues, but as I expected it, my friends insisted we go to the Merlion park and take more pictures. Β It was probably just a fifteen minute walk from where we had dinner but we took more time due to frequent stopping along the bridge to take pictures. Bwahaha! πŸ˜› So when we got there, we took more and more pictures until finally, after almost 1 hour, we finally convinced them to join us for a little while at Chjimes. So off we walk again to the train station (we didn’t ride the train, we just crossed the station.. :P) got out at City Hall station, walked, crossed the road, and finally got to Cuscaden! Whew! Lav’s friends were already there just waiting for us and so was Cliff (Lav’s cousin). We immediately ordered 2 towers of beer and proceed to drinking. Bwahaha! πŸ˜› Of course, more pictures were taken, more chit chat happened, and around 11:30PM my friends said their goodbyes and headed home.

Chjimes is ang old church/convent..

After finishing our beer towers in Cuscaden, Ankur, on of Laviel’s colleagues, invited us to visit the Henderson bridge. And since we haven’t been there nor heard about it, we were curious to see it. So off we went to Henderson wave/bridge. We took 2 taxis, and passed by a 7-11 store to buy some snacks and stuff before having the taxi drop us at the “entrance”. It was located at a very high place somewhere in Singapore. Ankur said that not many people knows about this bridge so it’s practically not crowded. It was located at a park in itself.

The Henderson Wave bridge
(photo source)

Henderson bridge view
(photo source)

Sir Jhun

The map of Mount Faber

The view from above

Ankur bought a bottle of Chivas on the way up, so we drank on the bridge while having all types of discussions and stuff. Ankur, who was a musician by heart, brought his guitas as well, so we were jamming along his music and each one of us singing along. πŸ™‚ It was really fun. We just sat there on the wooden floor, drinking the night away. They (and I say they, coz I didn’t really drink that much) finished the bottle of Chivas, and by half past 5AM we were ready to retire. So we collected our garbage, disposed it off, waited for a taxi and headed for home. We reached the hotel by 6 in the morning! Sun was already rising by the time we were about to sleep, and we have plans for that morning.. What an experience!

I say this is one of the few moments that I really enjoyed while in Singapore. It was just a chill out moment, enjoying our time, telling stories, singing along, etc. And the people we were with are great! They are one of the coolest people I’ve known. πŸ™‚

Before I make this entry any longer, I think I better stop here for the meantime. As I’ve said in my previous post, I have so many stories to tell. 3 weeks.. 3 countries.. A lot has happened. πŸ™‚ And I’m all excited to tell it all! πŸ˜€

Till the next part of may Singapore trip!


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