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The Ultimate Search for the Perfect Wedding Rings ♥

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The main reason why I visited Singapore last March 16 till 21, was for us to search for the perfect wedding rings. 🙂

So we checked a couple of stores and we even went to different branches of the same shop. Hahaha! Well what can I say about searching for our wedding rings? It’s definitely exciting! 🙂

We actually saw a lot of collection of wedding bands. From the cheapest and simplest, to the most extravagant and expensive type. While trying out the rings, I found out what Lav liked and didn’t like. To elaborate, he likes his ring to be simple, almost plain, matte finish (he doesn’t like the shiny ones), no diamond, not too wide, but not to thin either. He also doesn’t like rings with only 1 diamond. As weird as it may sound, he says that he feels it looks like an eye. Like a cyclops ring, maybe? 😛 Hihihi.. He’s cute like that. Anyway, I like mine to have diamonds, not to wide either since my engagement ring is simple (it’s a solitaire e-ring), I prefer two-toned ring (white gold and rose gold) or if not, white gold is fine with me. 🙂 We tried a couple of rings and took note of the prices as well. The cheapest that we liked was less than 1000SGD (Singapore Dollars). The most expensive is a little more than 2500SGD! The very first ring I liked was a two-toned ring, with, if I am not mistaken, 3 Rosella diamonds. They were about 0.25 each, I guess. It was pretty and it looked good on my finger with my solitaire e-ring. 🙂 This was from CitiGems Jewelry shop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of it from their website so I’ll just share with you some other wedding bands.

The Rosella cut diamond. Pretty ♥

This is cute. 

Simple pair

This is also nice

I believe we tried this one as well

But the best and most expensive pair that we canvassed was from Gold Heart, where Lav got my e-ring. As we were trying out some wedding bands, the lady assisting us saw my e-ring and said that she has something that will complement my solitaire e-ring. She went and came back with a half-infinity ring. I tried it on and Lav blurted out: “ang ganda ah!” I was actually surprised with his reaction! Hahaha! I didn’t expect that he would like me to wear something with that much of diamonds. He’s a simple guy, who likes all simple things. I never thought of having an infinity neither a half-infinity ring as a wedding band because I thought that he wouldn’t agree on the idea that we won’t be wearing partner rings. But he really liked the effect of the ring. It was really sparkling with all 10-13 diamonds. The diamonds were all celestial cut diamonds, same with my engagement ring.

This is my engagement ring ♥

Half-infinity + plain matte finished men’s ring.
I think we might get something like this.

Here are other rings for your eyes to drool on. 😛

Two-toned wedding bands

Half-infinity + mens plain slim ring.

Another two-toned wedding rings.

Diamond-studded female ring.

I think he tried on this one

Lav also liked something like this

Matte-finished rings

Pure blue collection by Gold Heart

By the way, as I was thinking about it, my only concern for a half-infinity slim wedding band is that we may not be able to get it engraved if it is too slim. Or maybe Gold Heart can do something about it. 🙂 We haven’t really decided on which rings to get. But I have raised this issue with Lav a couple of days back and I just might drop by Singapore again in August just to try on some rings and finally buy the official pair. But don’t tell anyone yet… *sshhh* 😉


Photo sources: Gold Heart , Soo Kee, Lee Hwa, CitiGems

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  1. It took us forever to find our wedding bands. We came up with something very similar to the one you are choosing 🙂

    • I never thought it would be tedious to find the perfect wedding bands. But seeing the design we want, it makes the search more exciting. Can’t wait to get ours. 🙂


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