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3rd Stop: Manila – Part 1 – Cupcake Tasting

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So finally I decided to continue telling my stories of adventures with Lav last March with regards to our wedding preps. Lav’s on his way back to Sg now and will probably arrive in a while. For the meantime, I’ll take this time to finally finish off this overdue update. 🙂

I don’t really remember the exact sequence of what transpired last March so instead of telling you stories in the right order as it happened, I’ll just share with you whatever happened that I can recall. 🙂

One day, when Lav and I were talking about the details of our wedding, we agreed to have cupcakes instead of the usual 3 (or more) tiered wedding cake. We actually have a wedding cake included in Hizon’s package, but we might have to request to waive it and avail of something else instead. So as we decided we’d like to have cupcakes, the search for cupcake supplier commenced. I inquired with Bunny Baker, Bohemia Cakes, Swell Sweets, Lil Cupcake Shop, and our coordinator referred Pretty Minis. Bunny Baker’s cakes and cupcakes are veeeery pretty and cute but the quotation was way beyond our budget, Bohemia cakes didn’t reply about their schedule for cake tasting, Swell Sweets’s rates was okay but didn’t give much information or ideas (lack of sales talk..or email in this case). We went to inquire and cupcake tasting with Pretty Minis as scheduled by Ms. Kredz. They had everything ready, even the setup. It was really pretty. They are usually hired for kids parties and baptismal events. During our meeting, they weren’t able to give us their rates yet, so we just waited for them to send it via email. They offer cupcakes, loaves, ice cream (they are distributors of F.I.C a.k.a Fruits in Ice Cream) and cookies.

Pretty Minis concept gives the guests the opportunity to add their own toppings in their ice cream

Loaf bread and pistachio flavored cupcakes

nyom nyom nyom

bite size cupcakes are soooo cute

They served us bite-size pistachio flavored cupcakes which are really good, chocolate chip (I think) mini loaf bread, and cookies. They also let us taste their ice cream which has fruits in it and is really yummy! 🙂 The owners are also really kind and so humble. 🙂 They were a good option but the problem is that they are a bit expensive.

Since we couldn’t decide if we would get Pretty Minis, I set up a meeting with Ms. Jacqui Ong of Lil Cupcake shop to assess her cupcakes and get a feel if she is the “this is it” supplier. 🙂 We met at Starbucks in Greenhills Theatre Mall. She is very kind and very sweet. She showed us photos of her products: cake designs, cupcake designs, even one of her setups in one of her client’s wedding. She also gives suggestions of cake and cupcake designs that would match with our theme which is spring and flowery. 😛 I also bought 3 cupcakes from her and aside from that, she brought some more for us to taste. Lav was already hungry during our meeting and literally just munched the cupcakes away! Hahaha! But her cupcakes (does this sound naughty?..) are really good. They are moist and very tasty. I enjoyed all the flavors she let us taste. Her rates are also very good. 😀 very affordable. And Ms. Jacqui is very kind and sweet and easy to talk to. Right there and then, I knew we found our cupcake supplier. So we agreed to wait for her to send her quotations for our 1 layer cake and cupcakes.

I was also supposed to try out Frostings cupcakes and even bought a voucher from Ensogo, but I wasn’t able to get my cupcakes coz the terms was to have it reserved 3 days prior to collection and we didn’t have the time anymore. So I just bought 3 cupcakes anyway, just to have a taste and gave my voucher to my college classmate.

By the way, Lav’s former boss, Kathleen, offered to sponsor our cupcakes so.. Yey! We appreciate that very much! 🙂 We have finalized our order with Ms. Jacqui with Ms. Kredz cc’d on our email correspondence so that Ms. Kredz can coordinate with Kathleen. 🙂


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