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I don’t really remember if I ever told the story of how he proposed in any of my blogs.

For the first time, we planned a vacation that only two of us are present. We planned for months: where to go, itineraries, reservations, activities.. everything. It was June of last year, I had my first training overseas. I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was traveling alone since our company is only paying for my expenses and I really wanted to try go somewhere by myself. Although my Mom was actually giving hints that she was thinking of coming with me, but I never really encouraged her. :p

He is currently based in Singapore and we planned to meet in KL to spend sometime. I booked my ticket to arrive Saturday morning so that he can spend the weekend with me and not take any leave days. Singapore to KL is only an hour or so, by plane. Doha to KL is a little more than 7 hours. I was in line at the immigration and while exchanging sms with him, I glanced up and I saw him coming towards me. 🙂 Yes indeed it brightened my day and I was happy. Our flights arrived almost at the same time. We went to the immigration together and went to the hotel together. We spent just the weekend (Saturday and Sunday — Sunday night he had to go back to Singapore) together. Time was indeed short, but after 5 days of training for me and work for him, we are scheduled to meet again, this time in our home country. 🙂

July 2 — He arrived in Terminal 3 (Cebu Pacific flight) earlier than me. By the time I got out of the airport, he was already waiting for me and his things are already in the car. My uncle fetched us and we had breakfast at McDonald’s on the way home. We arrived 5 or 6 in the morning and it was already past 7 when we arrived at our house. My grand Mama was already awake and was indeed very happy to see me. We then slept for about 2 hours or so just to get a little rest before heading out once again for our relaxing vacation. Before noon, we were already on our way to Laguna. We made reservations at Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos, Laguna. It was quite hard to find.. Thus, the word “hidden” in its name. It was actually slightly drizzling when we were looking for the place and by the time we reached it, the rain had already stopped. When we got into the room, we immediately changed into our swim wear. We wanted to experience the famous hot springs of Laguna and to our surprise, the pools in Hidden Valley are genuine free flowing water from the mountain of Mt. Makiling. They are the true hot springs. 😀 Anyway, we arrived at the resort around past 3PM so we didn’t really spend much time at the pool that day. We tried walking around.. It was like walking in a jungle or forest and just following the path ways. It was already getting dark so we decided to  go back. We went back to the room/cottage and showered and changed our clothes and got ready for dinner.

The dinner was at an open area.. It was very romantic. Candlelight dinner, quiet with trees surrounding the area. There was also a singing group, going from table to table to entertain the guests and the guests have the liberty to give them tips it they want. After dinner, we went around and tried to take some pictures but it was dark and we couldn’t really take good shots so we went back to the room instead.

June 3 — We went to the pools again, enjoyed our remaining time before check out.

We had lunch before heading out again, this time our destination was Tagaytay. 😀 We also booked a room at Nurture Spa in Tagaytay so we had to be there before 6PM (it was the latest check-in time possible). Since we checked out early from Hidden Valley Springs, it was in our itinerary that we pass by Caleruega first. During our planning stage, he insisted that we must pass by Caleruega, and we will pass by Caleruega whether I like it or not. He actually wanted to go there on my birthday which is on 5th of July, but I said that I want to spend my birthday at home with him and my grand Mama. So he agreed, thus we scheduled Caleruega right after Hidden Valley. When we arrived around 3:30PM, we saw a lot of cars parked outside and I thought there must be a wedding at the chapel. Then I saw the bridal car confirming my guess was correct. I told him “ay may kasal, akin” and he said “ay ang korni. ang korni.” Yes, he said that repeatedly and I even asked, why is that corny?? So we went inside and decided to roam around the area for the meantime. We took a lot of pictures and all the time he kept on cracking jokes and making me laugh. I was feeling so happy that I didn’t really care about anything. We just laughed and laughed and made fun of each other.

By half past 5, I told him maybe the wedding is finished, we can go back to the chapel and pray. We walked back and saw the bride and groom taking pictures outside the chapel so we decided to walk up slowly and wait for them to finish. (Of course we wouldn’t like to be spoiling their wedding photos by appearing at the background or at the corner! Hahaha!)

When they finally left, we quickly went to the chapel, sat down and prayed. It was post rain shower so the weather was terribly humid. There was no wind coming from outside and the fans are turned off. I was feeling really icky and oily and so I was using my hanky as a fan. I was wiping my forehead and my face with my hanky when I felt him move. I didn’t look at him coz I thought he might be reaching for his own hanky. Then he called me.. “Akin”. I faced him with a simple “hmm?” And then he just said it: “Pakasal na tayo..” My reaction? “Now na? Now na? Tara na ayan na yung altar, let’s go!” Hahaha! What do you expect?? We have been laughing all day, and we’ve only been joking before that moment, so I thought he was just teasing me. And besides there was a wedding earlier, so in my mind I thought maybe.. HE WAS JUST TEASING ME. Hahaha! But then he repeated the same statement: “Di nga, pakasal na tayo..” and I said the same thing myself: “Cge, now na? Ayan na, let’s go, tara!” and I was slightly laughing while saying this coz I thought it was supposed to be funny. He was just smiling nervously at me, then he glanced down. I followed his gaze and in a split second, I saw it. I saw the ring! He was holding it with his both hands, both index fingers and thumbs. Shocked as I am, like I saw something scary or morbidly gross, within a split second of laying my gaze at it, I quickly turned my head away with eyes closed. My heart was beating so hard, I was breathing fast, and in my head I was like “Oh my God! Oh my God!” (repeat a hundred times more). Hahahaha! I didn’t know what to do until he said: “Tumingin ka naman sakin oh..” I realized he must be feeling scared coz I didn’t say anything and even looked away. When I turned my head to face him, I looked straight in his eyes, not even attempting to look down for I might see the ring again and panic. Hahaha! Yes, I was that shocked.. Can you blame me? :p

He asked me again: “Pakasal na tayo..” I couldn’t find my voice, I didn’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, that I just wrapped my arms around him and hugged him so tight. I buried my face in his neck and tears of extreme happiness just fell. I was actually smiling while crying and hugging him. And he was nervously laughing, probably laughing at my reaction. I didn’t say a word, not even a slight utter, no “hmm”, no “uh”, nothing. Define speechless! Hahaha! After sometime, I pulled away and saw my mascara smudged on his collar! (He was wearing white shirt, by the way. Hahaha!) And there I finally was able to speak: “Hala akin, sorry.. nadumihan shirt mo, sorry..” He was laughing softly and told me not to mind it. Then he asked me again.. (hmm, I just realized he asked a couple of times before I really gave him my answer. Hahaha!) And I just nodded my affirmation. I nodded happily, almost crying again. 🙂 Then I gave him my left hand to put on the ring. I was afraid that it might not fit coz when he was trying to put it on my finger, it was actually tight. But it fit nonetheless. 🙂 And then I let out a cry of joy. I almost wanted to shout to the guard outside waiting for us to leave the chapel. He’d been walking here and there outside with his keys clinking. I wanted to shout and say: “MANOOOOONG GUUAAAARD!” and just wave my hand to show off my ring. I was so happy I wanted to shout “WE’RE ENGAGED!” But of course that was all in my mind.

We then went out and took only a couple of shots outside, coz manong guard said that they are already closing so we have to leave. We didn’t get to have a picture of us together in front of the chapel. Although I have a picture of me, with teary eyes.

That’s how all of this wedding planning started.  And I’m glad (to the highest level) that it happened. ♥

Telling my folks and his family is a whole different story. It should have an entry of its own.

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