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The Chancery Case

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About 3 weeks ago, I called Mt. Carmel to ask if we can schedule our pre-cana seminar already even though we haven’t completed the required documents yet. I was initially talking to a lady, who then passed the phone to Sir Eli when she found out that both Lav and I are based abroad. Sir Eli said that we can schedule the pre-cana already, so I told him that if there is still a slot available on August 11, we’d like to reserve it. He confirmed August 11 is still available so he scheduled our pre-cana seminar. I then asked him if we can also get the forms for the permission/banns for posting since we only have 3 months to go. He said yes and that we should actually be getting these things from them by now. I said that our coordinator told us that they need to have a SPA (Special Power of Attorney) before they can transact on our behalf. So I told him that Lav will be in the country on June 8 till the weekend and if their office would allow it, I can ask Lav to pick up the forms. He agreed so I told Lav to pass by Mt. Carmel to pick up the forms for the banns.

Friday, June 8 — Lav had a handful of things to do. Earlier he had already notarized the SPA for our coordinator. He was also able to acquire his cedula from the city hall. After lunch, he got on his way to go to the church and get the forms as we discussed. After an hour of traveling, he arrived at the church and called me. He said that Sir Eli himself told him that we cannot proceed yet since we are based abroad, we have to pass through the chancery. He mentioned this to me when we spoke over the phone but he retracted and said “sige para wag na kayo maguluhan, wag na kayo dumaan ng chancery, pakuha mo nalang dito yung banns”. That is why I asked Lav to get the banns. So Lav just left after getting the instructions from Sir Eli and called to tell me. Lav was told that we have to contact the Diocese of Cubao and submit whatever requirements the ask from us before we can proceed with the church or the wedding itself.

Monday, June 11 — I was able to call the Diocese of Cubao and spoke to Ms. Bessie Lee. I quickly told her that I am calling from Qatar and that we have been directed by Mt. Carmel to contact them for the requirements. She told me to get the form from their website, fill it up and send it to them by email. They will then assess what requirements are needed to be submitted to them. Once we complete the requirements, they will give us the endorsement letter to be forwarded to Mt. Carmel so that they can entertain us. Yes, the procedure got more complicated because of this. Immediately, I downloaded the form and filled it up. I sent the completed form to their email, and currently, we’re just waiting for their reply.

Tuesday, June 12 — I wanted to know badly how this procedure goes, so I asked the w@wies if anybody if familiar with it. Luckily I got response that were really helpful. I learned that basically, the chancery’s requirements are the same as that of the listed requirements coming from Mt. Carmel. In my understanding, those are the documents required by the church, but instead of submitting it to the parish office, we will have to submit it to the chancery directly. Most of the requirements (based on other couple’s experience) we already have on hand. We just need to wait for Ms. Bessie to reply if there would be additional documents necessary.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning, when I wake up, there is an email reply from Ms. Bessie. Otherwise, I’ll give her a call again just to see if she was able to receive my email.

These requirements is a little bit stressful, but if we can complete them quickly, hopefully everything will go smoothly. We don’t want to postpone our wedding now, don’t we? 🙂


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  1. Hi Riv,

    Hope it all gets sorted out. 😉 In our case, my fiance had a problem with his birth certificate so he had to go through the Diocese of Cubao too. A bit of a hassle; but I’m glad it’s done and over with.

    Happy preps!

    • thanks sis! 🙂 hopefully we get to complete the requirements ASAP. Ms. Bessie replied with some more questions this morning which I answered already.

      Happy preps to you too! 🙂

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