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DIY Invitations – Printing… Failures!

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Gaahh. I printed some copies earlier today. I just took one out and was trying to figure our how to enhance the packaging to make it more presentable. Feeling frustrated coz I don’t know what to do, I decided to read the wordings once again. Lo and behold, it read:

“…share the beginning of our lives togethers…”

TOGETHERS??? Plural?!! WTH!? Hahaha! If one copy has this mistake, it only means that the rest will have it as well. Darn it. Wasted my paper. Now I have to edit again and reprint. Huhu.. Good thing I only printed 16 copies today. I thought I had printed more but while putting each set in the envelope, I counted it was only 16 copies. I also read the attire requirements, I think I used the word “would” too many times.

Next time, proofread! Review it 5 more times before finally printing! Gahh..


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