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Bridal Shower – The Ultimate Experience

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Bridal Shower – The Ultimate Experience

[Composed at 2:00AM today] — I just got home from my first ever bridal shower experience. And it was actually for me! I say, I am very much speechless from what has been happening to me this weekend. 🙂

This shower was done by my colleagues from work and as they said, they have been planning for this night for a few months now. They were also having a hard time scheduling this party since it’s vacation period, and finally tonight it was executed.. And very well, I must say! 😀

I received an invitation to today’s party just last Monday, 9th July 2012, sent by Tita Judith through our office email. In the description it said that the party is meant to celebrate her pre-GG (which I really didn’t know the meaning until Tuesday) and that the theme of the party is cabaret. We were instructed to come in our best cabaret attire, all fish net stocking, heels, boots, make up, accessories, etc.  I found it really interesting since we get to dress up again like what we did during our Christmas party last year. Tuesday came and I was able to ask Tita Jennie and Michelle what GG meant in pre-GG.. It meant Golden Girl. Tita Judith had her birthday last July 4th and she turned 49 (if I’m not mistaken. Sorry for disclosing your age Tita :P). So this party was supposed to be a post celebration of her birthday. Since the invitation was sent, they have been asking me if I am coming, and what time I was planning to come. And repeatedly I say that since the invitation said that it is from 8:00-10:00PM, then I’ll probably be there by 8:00PM. Reminders went on till yesterday. I was also asking if I needed to bring anything for the party but they said that Tita Judith prepared all the food and all we need so I don’t have to bring anything, except for my self. I never really prepared that much for my costume, and I almost couldn’t find anything to wear to the party this afternoon when I started fixing my self. I left home at about  half past 7:00PM. On my way to Tita Judith’s house, Kuya Zed called me and asked if I could grab some chips on the way since they forgot to buy some chips. I said okay and pondered upon where to get the chips. I was already wearing my costume so I can’t really go anywhere too crowded especially with barbaric men. Barbaric in the sense that when they see women dressed in some unusually attractive clothes, their eyes would almost pop out of the sockets and practically drool over you like wild dogs. Hahahaha. Okay, that may be a little bit over describing, but you get the picture. So I thought of passing by MegaMart at The Center with the thought that mostly, only decent people come there to shop. I came and went fast, being really conscious of my attire while walking. I was wearing a shorts jumpsuit with black stocking, almost the net type, with hearts kinda like embroidered on it. My jumpsuit was actually sleeveless, but luckily, I wore a bolero top to cover it. Despite my attempts to be invisible and not attract attention, 1 guy tried his luck by coming over to me while I was choosing which chips to buy, and said “Hi, hello, how are you?” I looked at him with raised eyebrows and did my best to look irritated and snubbed him just like that. I didn’t actually see him go since I looked away from him, but when I turned around again, he was gone as fast as he came. Jerk. He was probably thought I might entertain him. Sorry, I ain’t like any other women out there. Pft.

Anyway, back to the shower story. After getting the chips, I drove again towards Tita Judith’s house and I received a text message saying that I don’t need to buy the chips anymore, but I replied I already got them. When I arrived at their compound, I called Kuya Zed to ask where exactly is the house, but I already saw their cars so I told them that I am outside. Tita Judith came out to welcome me, took the chips from the passenger side of the car and told me to come inside when I’m ready. I had to change from my slippers to my sandals since I don’t drive with heels on (although I can, but it’s not safe). When I came inside, as I pushed open the front door, I smelled scented candles and heard soft romantic music. When I peeked at the living room, the lights were off and disco lights were dancing on the walls and ceiling. And when I finally stepped at the doorway of the living room, I saw them gathered around in a semi circle formation, holding some paper in their hands waiting for me to come in. Then someone counted “1,2,3” and they threw shredded paper at me like confetti and started screaming “SURPRISE!” and excited laughter bursts out. 🙂 I was really surprised with all the setup and preparation they did! 😀 Once I got over my surprise, Tita Judith then told me that they have been planning the party for a few months and finally, this was the perfect timing to execute their plan with the excuse of her recent birthday and mine as well. 🙂 After this surprising welcome, we then proceed to have dinner and throughout the night, they kept on asking me questions about me, Laviel and our relationship.

Tonight was really fun and very unforgettable for me. I am still pumped with excitement and I am really in awe with their preparation. I don’t really have the perfect words to say, but I am really thankful to have wonderful people in my life. 🙂 I shall tell more about tonight in the coming days, but for now, let me just share with you some photos from tonight. I have very few as I got busy and can barely get to hold my phone (coz I forgot to bring my darn digicam again, tsk).

The confetti hahaha


Tita Jennie


Ate Irene


Tita Judith




Ate Jean


Tita Vicky


Ate Weng


Ate Tina


I love this!

Official photos will follow as everything was documented in Kuya Zed’s camera. It has been a fun experience for all of us and I’ll definitely cherish this memory. Thanks to my lovely friends for all the effort in preparing for the surprise, words cannot express how much I appreciate it! 🙂



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