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Day 8: A Thank You Letter To Someone Who Has Changed Your Life

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I like saying “thank you”. It matters to me that I let people know that I appreciate them and whatever they did for me whether it’s a small thing and most specially if it’s a big thing. Forgive me if this post becomes another one of those about our wedding. But I hope I can avoid dwelling on that too much. But I thought of taking this opportunity to express our utmost gratitude, not only to our suppliers but as well to our family and friends.

To Ms. Kredin our Events Engineer and the gang, thank you so much for making our day stress free and problem free. From the preps till our wedding, they have been very helpful to us. To Ms. Feliz for being by my side during the preps at the hotel till the reception, for calming down when I was about to breakdown. To the kuyas who were with Laviel in the hotel during preps, to Kuya Rhodel for being a kuya and for going here and there during supplier meeting and document submission.

To Hizon’s, for your good food and great service. To the head waiter and waiters, for being attentive to the needs of our guests.

To Kenny of Light of Love, for assisting us during our booking of the Atrium.

To Blacktie Project, for being our cool photographers and videographers. Their creativity is amazing, they have good talent for seeing the beauty beyond what is outside, thus reflecting it in their shots.

To Ysabela Florist, for my wonderfully big and heavy bridal bouquet and for giving us our dream wedding theme. Indeed they have kept us in awe till this day for the arrangements done in Atrium.

To Sir Eli from the office of Mt. Carmel, for attending to our requirements for our dream church wedding. To Ma’am Bessie from the Chancery of Cubao, for being patient with us while we try our best to complete our requirements.

To Ms. Tessa, Ate Marites and Ate Baby, for giving us our wonderful dresses. Thank you for the patience while my mind was constantly changing. Hahaha! To Tita Letty, for making my bridesmaids’ beautiful dresses.

To Tito Vir, for Laviel’s suit making him a very dashing groom. I never knew he’d look so handsome in a suit. Hihi!

To Ms. Rachel from Cocoon Boutique Hotel, for giving us wonderful rooms for the preps. To the staff of Cocoon Boutique Hotel, who are very kind, thank you as well.

To Nice Print Photography and Sir Benny, for our wonderful first prenup shoot.

To Michael Celestino, for making me so beautiful during our first prenup shoot and during our big day. Thank you also for making my Mom, Mama and Luby pretty and glowing during our wedding day.

To Mac, Lee and Anna Patricia, for the support and hard work during our prenup shoot with Blacktie Project.

To Fabfoto booth, for giving our guests their souvenir photos during our wedding.

To Soberclub, for the colorful shots of mixed drinks.

To my GT bride friends, for all the inputs, comments, and advices that helped a lot during our wedding preps. To the W@W family, I know I may not have been a member for a long time, but all of them are very helpful and considerate of each other. Thank you!

To our friends, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honor, principal sponsors, and all our guests, who went our of their way and came to our wedding, we thank you soooo much! Thank you for the support and love you’ve shown us on our day.

To my parents, for being supportive during our preps. To my mom, who at first was obviously in denial that her only baby is getting married, thank you for the effort in helping my with my DIYs. I know you were afraid that you’d lose me, but now I’m sure you’re already excited to have grandchildren. Hahaha! To my dad, who has always been supportive from the day we told them that Laviel proposed, to the day we finally said our “I do’s”.

To Lav’s family, for accepting me in your circle and for being supportive of our relationship. Thank you for the good values you’ve instilled in Laviel. I know he will be a good husband.

To Laviel, my husband, for being there for me, for being patient with my mood swings, for trying your best to understand how my mind works, for loving me with all you have, for all the sacrifices you are willing to do for me, for being my man. Thank you for changing my life, making it better and happier.

And most specially, thank you God for all the blessings in this world.


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