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A fellow W@Wie posted about this and I found the questions interesting. I have been thinking of writing about our wedding, my thoughts, minor boo-boos and other stories, but I just can’t get myself to sit and actually do it. So when I read these questions, I thought it would be a good start for me to start my stories. I decided to use these as a sort-of template. Let’s me get started then!


[Q] — What was your reaction when you first saw yourself wearing wearing your bridal gown?

[A] — I never really saw how my gown came to its form until 1 month before our wedding. When I first saw my gown on the body form, I thought “wow may skirt na sya!” (wow it has a skirt already!) Hahaha! When i first fitted it, I felt like a lady, and thought “This is it!” And I felt really excited! Lav has not seen my gown that time so I was hoping he’d like it. Hihi. I didn’t really go “WOW”, not until I saw my self wearing it and all made up during the wedding itself.

[Q] — Did you have a mantra to calm your nerves on the day of the wedding? What did you do to stay calm before the wedding?

[A] — I actually didn’t have a mantra. I don’t really understand why, but we were running late during the wedding preps. My mom was already panicky and all, while I was calm and collected. The coordinators, make-up artist and photographers noticed this as well. I guess I have mastered the art of keeping my self silent and steady on the outside while panic and stress was already wrecking havoc inside. Hahaha!


[Q] — While on your way to church, what were your thoughts while in the bridal car?

[A] — I was dying of mixed emotions! I felt excited, scared, panic, nervous, and everything else! I was praying that we won’t be late and luckily we got there in the nick of time. Hehehe.

[Q] — What did you feel when you were in front of “the door” right before walking down the aisle?

[A] — When the bridal car pulled in front of the church, the middle door, which was also the main door, was closed. But the entrance at the sides were open so when we drive by, I saw my entourage marching and that just made me shake and panic all the more. That’s when I realized that this is really it! I’m getting married! OMG! This is the moment! When I was about to get out if the car, I saw Ms. Kredz come up to me and I just wanted to hug her because I felt really nervous. Tears were already filling my eyes from the moment I saw my entourage marching so by the time I was in front of the church door, I was shaking and almost breaking down. When Ms. Feliz saw me, she got alarmed and told me to hold my self together. “Tingin ka sa taas, tingin ka sa taas!” (Look up, look up!) she told me, to stop the tears from falling. She also told me to breathe in and out to calm down while she dabbed the corners of my eyes with tissue. I wanted to run and hide and to literally hold off my walk down the aisle until I felt steady but of course it wasn’t an option. So as quickly as I could, took deep breaths to calm down and got ready for my bridal march.

[Q] — What’s the first thing you noticed when you entered the church?

[A] — I immediately noticed how wonderful our aisle decor was! Hahahaha! I thought to myself “Ysabela florist did a great job.” Then I looked straight and thought “Where is he?! Why can’t I see him?!” Coz I really didn’t see Laviel when I was walking, not until I got more than halfway down the aisle.

[Q] — Did you cry while walking down the aisle?

[A] — While walking down the aisle, I still had the feeling that I felt when I was at the door. But each step I took closer to the altar, and the more I thought of how annoying it is not being able to see Laviel while I was walking, made me feel more relaxed. Probably because my mind was on something else. So I didn’t cry. I even got to calm myself even more. And the clapping initiated by Ms. Kredz also gave me a soothing feeling which helped me feel at ease.

[Q] — What’s the first thing you told H2B when you reached him in the altar?

[A] — Oh my.. I don’t really remember. And I just asked Laviel but he doesn’t remember as well. Hahaha! I could guess it’s either I said “hi..” or “ang gwapo mo naman..” (you look so handsome) coz it’s actually the first time I ever saw him in a suit. Hihihi..

[Q] — Can you describe to us your first kiss as husband and wife?

[A] — It happened twice. Hahaha. Our first 2 kisses with the blessing of the church. Hihihi.. Happened twice coz the first time, he went inside my veil to kiss me instead of lifting it up. Second time, he lifted my veil and we kissed once more.

[Q] — What was your favorite part of the ceremony?

[A] — It would have to be the moment he took my hand when I reached him in front of the altar and the moment we were blessed as husband and wife by the priest.


[Q] — What was the “gimmick” for your reception entrance?

[A] — Because we didn’t have time to practice anything, therefore there was no “gimmick” for our entrance at the reception.

[Q] — Was your cellphone with you the entire event?

[A] — No, it was with my Maid of Honor.

[Q] — Were you able to eat during the reception?

[A] — We were served with 1 plate full of food each when we were in the complimentary room being retouched. Laviel finished his meal, plate wasspic and span like nothing happened, while I didn’t have any appetite and ate only half of my food. I guess because of the excitement and happiness, I didn’t feel hungry the entire day.

[Q] — What is the most memorable part of the wedding reception that you liked?

[A] — I think I have a few on my list. It would have to be the dance with my Dad, our first dance as husband and wife, the money dance (which was very overwhelming!), Laviel’s almost split act during the garter retrieval part of the program, the couples game (OMG this was so funny!), and my most favorite was Laviel’s thank you speech at the end of the program.


[Q] — What are the things you think you should have better prepared for or things you think you should have done?

[A] — I’ve always wanted for us to recite our personal vows to each other. During our Canonical Interview, I asked the priest interviewing us if personal vows are allowed at the church. He advised that if we really want to recite our vows, it would be better to have it during the reception to make it more personalized and intimate. He also said that if we do it in the church, it would just be redundant since we’d be saying our “I do’s” already as part of the ceremony. Laviel prepared a short vow but I didn’t get the chance to draft one (I have noted down some lines way back last year but they are not in the proper order…) And we also didn’t get the time to make it part of our program nor the ceremony.

[Q] — Was there any embarrassing experience during your wedding?

[A] — Thank God there was none! (Well, none that I know of. Hehehe)


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