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The Five Year Engagement

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I watched the movie “The Five Year Engagement” last night and I honestly loved it. I was expecting a cheesy romantic comedy but in my opinion, the movie’s content had more meaning in it. The movie presented real life issues that real couples experience especially when the relationship starts to get serious. The movie starred Jason Segel (currently playing as Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother) and Emily Blunt (who played as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada and Elise Sellas in The Adjustment Bureau) as the main characters of the movie.

I am not planning to relate the details of the movie here, but I just want to share my thoughts on the movie. To give a brief summary, Tom (Jason Segel) proposed to Violet (Emily Blunt), she accepted. They started preparing for the wedding but then it was delayed as Violet took her post-doctorate course. They moved from Washington to Michigan, Tom had to sacrifice his career to give way to Violet’s. This was when things started to get rocky in their relationship. The wedding got further delayed, other people got involved in their relationship, the couple got confused, they broke up, had other relationships, but eventually got back together and finally they ended up in marriage.

Tom had to sacrifice his job, his career and move to another city for Violet. Initially, he was okay with this but as time passed, he felt like crap that he is the man in the relationship but he doesn’t have a job that he can be proud of.

Tom portrayed how men feel when their ego is down and they get depressed. He tries to live his life in Michigan but deep inside, he hated it. Violet on the other hand, represented the women of today; they are the women who opt to have a career and be as competitive as men.

Violet was a Psychology student and based her decisions on logic too much. Tom accidentally failed her “donut experiment” which freaked her out. 

Women tend to over think things which makes it a bigger issue than it’s supposed to be.

As Tom said:

“..Because these imaginary “new” donuts that you offer people, they may never arrive. Okay, they’re not real. And me, personally, I’m not the type of person who wants to sit around and wait for something that may never arrive when they know that the thing in front of them is, fuck, it’s tasty! It’s.. It’s good! Okay, and you know what? It’s not about the age of the donut, it’s about the flavor. Boom. And.. You know the other thing, the new donuts? They’re gonna get stale someday too..”

The way I interpret this, is that, whatever is there for you, you just have to grab it and take it. You don’t really have to wait for something, thinking that someone or something better will come for you. You just have to make the best out of what you have.

Another dialogue that I liked was near the end of the movie, when Violet had a “Cookie Monster and Elmo” conversation with her sister, Suzie:

Elmo (Suzie): Elmo say it’s been 5 years. It’s almost 5 years. You either love him or you don’t 

Cookie Monster (Violet): Me, love him, but it’s very complicated. Cookie doesn’t get everything handed to him in a silver platter like Elmo.

Elmo: Cookie, got the career he wanted. Tom moved to Michigan so Cookie could work, okay? Elmo wanted to be a kinesiologist and instead, Elmo is cleaning puke off her shirt everyday! 

Cookie Monster: Well maybe, as nice as his little Elmos are, Elmo should have considered using protection. C is for condom. That’s good enough for me. 

Elmo: Elmo is very happy with Elmo’s little Elmos, okay? Elmo would just like a break, once in a while. Elmo never gets a break!

Cookie Monster: Fine! This is fine! But this is precisely why Cookie wants to take the time to consider if he’s picked the right cookie for his life! 

Elmo: Well maybe, Elmo thinks there is no right cookie! You just pick one and take a bite! 

Violet (in her normal voice): Sorry.

Suzie (still in Elmo’s voice): Elmo.. Is sorry too. 

Violet (to her niece): Whose was better?

Niece: Mommy’s better. 

Suzie (still in Elmo’s voice): Look.. The worst choice you could make, is no choice at all. Okay?.. Snack time! 

I can simply put it as taking the risk. No one knows what the future holds for us. We just have to let go and let God. If we want something, we just have to take it, grab it, go forward and take action. It’s way better than not doing anything and getting a lot of what-ifs in the future.

This movie is now one of my favorites.



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