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Adiós, 2012 – Aloha, 2013

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An hour to go and 2012 is over and we welcome 2013. We don’t really have a special celebration here in Doha, especially now that we no longer have a New Year holiday. But it’s still exciting to end a great year and start a greater one. So before 2012 ends, I’d like to back track on the events that happened in my life.


  • No holiday for us but I took 1 day leave. 
  • Celebrated Mom’s birthday on the 9th with a dinner at Arirang (a Korean resto).
  • Our office relocated at the new headquarters and the company gave us complimentary Godiva chocolates.
  • Shopped during the annual Doha Trade Fair at the Qatar Exhibition Center.
  • Participated in our company’s Fire Warden orientation.
  • Clouds came down so low making the visibility in within the city almost down to zero.
  • Watched a movie with friends.
  • Celebrated Madel’s birthday.
  • Went at the Qatar Motorshow. Had my picture taken with Bangs Garcia at the motorshow who happens to be in the country to shoot their new TV series.
  • Punched the wall.
  • Started with my DIY fabric flowers for the wedding with the help of my Mom.
  • Inquired with Ysabela Florist for styling our wedding reception.


  • Held the first DIY session with friends here at home. 
  • Finalized my dress design and informed my couturier.
  • Started on my DIY monogram project which became very stressful for me. Hahaha!
  • Spoke to a fellow Girl Talk forum bride also based here in Doha.
  • More wedding DIYs.
  • Went to the annual Food Festival with friends.
  • Slowly started my diet in hopes of losing a bit of weight.
  • Attended the Ash Wednesday mass with Dona.
  • Had skin rashes due to extreme dryness.


  • More DIYs for the wedding.
  • Went to Dubai for a 5-day training course. Spent time with my cousins, Don and Philip. Cooked pork adobo and pork sinigang (on different occasions) for the first time. Met with Girl Talk friends based in Dubai. 
  • Went to Singapore after Dubai. Finally visited Sentosa Island with Laviel. Met with friends from college and Girl Talk friends based in Singapore. Scouted for wedding rings.
  • Flew back to the Philippines with Laviel for another week-long vacation. Attended the wedding of Dad’s colleague at the same venue we booked. Went to Quiapo to buy stuff for the wedding. More wedding related errands and appointments. Finally saw a glimpse of my wedding gown. Changed hair color.


  • Dad’s birthday.
  • Went back to Doha after 3 weeks of being out of the country and out of office.
  • Had wedding dreams: bridal gown finished, DIYs undone, friend’s surprise bridal shower..
  • Bought more stuff for the wedding.
  • More DIYs for the wedding, more experimental DIYs.
  • Tried Casa del Gelato for the first time with Jemi.
  • Got a new phone.
  • Attended EDW and MGS family day with Mom.
  • Participated in the company’s Fire Evacuation Drill as a fire warden.
  • Finalized our wedding monogram! Yey!


  • Wedding DIY, DIY, DIY. Addicted?
  • Finally was able to join Weddings At Work Yahoo! Group. Thanks to sis Anna Lynne!
  • Tried Magnum ice cream for the first time.
  • Got goodies from London courtesy of Ella.
  • Participated in company’s CSR program.
  • Exercised with Mom. Whew!
  • Experienced the Pearl Lounge’s beach party with Jem and Dona.
  • Celebrated Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary at a restaurant in Villagio which I forgot the name.
  • A huge fire happened in Villagio killing a number of children and adults. Devastating.


  • Held the 2nd DIY session with friends at Farh’s place.
  • Laviel bought our wedding rings! Wee! 😀
  • More wedding DIYs. More stuff bought for the wedding.
  • Some wedding documents were done.
  • Laviel went home during the first week of June and took care of wedding errands. Found out we were a Chancery case as per the church. Wedding requirements got more complicated. Laviel got his suit.
  • Finalized wedding invitation layout.
  • Received the designs for the secondary sponsors’ dresses and Maids of Honor dresses.
  • Had dinner at Red Lobster for the first time with friends.
  • Received our VIP wedding invitation for distribution to VIPs here at Doha.


  • My birth month! Supposed to watch a movie with friends but instead they surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and showered me with loose petals at the parking lot. Hahaha! Celebrated with office mates as well. 
  • Had my first surprise bridal shower courtesy of my colleagues from work. Fun night!
  • More wedding DIYs.
  • Got my first Coach bag.
  • Had my second surprise bridal shower courtesy of my high school buddies. Pyjama party! Yay! Awesome!


  • Flew back home for the wedding. We had 1 month to go and still lots to do. 
  • Saw my finished gown! Yay! First fitting done.
  • Met with our coordinator almost everyday. Had food tasting with the caterer, finalized the details. Paid almost everything in full.
  • Had our engagement photo shoot with BlacktieProject at Balai Indang in Cavite.
  • Finalized all dresses for the entourage.
  • Got stranded at Cavite house for 2 days because of Habagat rains. Terrible, terrible flood. Appointments got cancelled as if we took 10 steps back in our progress. Depressing. Although we got to find our something old and something borrowed during that time. Yay!
  • Mom and Dad came home for the wedding.
  • More details were finalized. More fees got settled.
  • Had our Pre-cana seminar and Canonical interview on the same day. Done with all requirements for the church. Yay!
  • Met with Girl Talk friends.
  • Went to Singapore with Laviel for 3 days for short vacation and relaxation. Finally got to visit Universal Studios!
  • Went to Bangkok, Thailand with Mom for 3 days. Visited Wat Po and other temples. Shopping, wee! Enjoyed Thai food especially Tom Yum!
  • Had my third bridal dinner with college buddies. Imagine receiving scandalous and funny gifts in a coffee shop! Hahaha!
  • More wedding props and DIYs finalized.
  • Got our guest book album from Nice Print.


  • Finalized everything about the wedding. 
  • Confessed on the night before the wedding.
  • The BIG DAY. Best day ever! So much happiness!
  • Had a haircut! Finally!
  • Went to Koh Samui, Thailand for our honeymoon. Did not expect it would be an adventure honeymoon, though. Hahaha!
  • Had 2 family outings.
  • Went back to being in LDR.
  • Got our Same Day Edit from BlacktieProject after many follow ups.
  • BlacktieProject posted some of our wedding photos on their Facebook page a week after the wedding, though.


  • Supported and guided Ella through her heartbreak.
  • Started a blogging challenge… Which I haven’t completed as of this writing. Hahaha!
  • Tried Papparoti Cafe for the first time.
  • Got a pink wig for Halloween which I never got to use.
  • Exported media from Multiply account. Too damn much!
  • Flew home to the Philippines for 1 week during Eid holidays. Laviel went home as well.
  • Got our Marriage Certificate from the church and certified copies from the Quezon City municipality.
  • Got the cds of our prenup, same day edit, and raw wedding photos from BlacktieProject. Got our raw wedding videos as well.
  • Had my curls again and changed hair color.
  • Experienced Seafood Island for the first time with the Dela Cruz family.
  • Visited our lot at Town and Country Executive Village. Still there.
  • Shopped at Greenhills. Visited Papa at the cemetery.
  • Had gel polished on my fingernails and toenails.


  • Back to Doha. Again.
  • Saw an online feature of the BlacktieProject with our prenup photos. Hihi.
  • Got a new bag from the company for the 5 years celebration of no Lost Time Incident of our group.
  • Drove with Ella and her siblings to Al-Khor to visit Anja and Kynah.
  • Started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close novel.
  • Mom received her 15th year certificate from the company. Attended the lunch event as her guest. Wonderful food.
  • Dyed my hair by myself. For a more reddish color.
  • Joined the W@W CCX activity. Got my gift from my buddy.
  • Tried Kafe Ole for the first time with friends.
  • Attended and coordinated the SSG family fun day at the Diplomatic Club. Had glitter body art and henna painting.


  • Finished reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close novel.
  • Watched the Avengers. Finally. Watched the Five Year Engagement. Pretty nice movie.
  • Laviel resigned from work and went home.
  • Started processing Laviel’s visit visa to Qatar.
  • Bought my mini cupcake maker. Yay! Baked cupcakes from scratch. Needs improvement.
  • Bought Mom and Dad a new laptop for Christmas.
  • Waited for Santa Clause but did not come.
  • Laviel’s birth month! Happy birthday!
  • Papa’s 14th death anniversary
  • Surprised Jemi with a cake. Had exchange gifts with colleagues from office and high school friends.
  • Sent out my gift for my CCX buddy.
  • Missed Kach’s wedding! Huhu, couldn’t come home.
  • Girl Talk friend, Joycie and Rainier’s wedding done! Yay!
  • Broke.

2012 has been amazing. It was a very exciting year for me with all the wedding preparations and the wedding itself. After the wedding I kind of had a depressing period where I couldn’t think of any goal or anything to do at all. But now that the year is ending, I’m pretty much back to being excited. Laviel will be here in January and we’ll finally be together as husband and wife. This is my something to look forward to. If 2012 was happy and exciting, we’ll make 2013 even more so. Though 2012 wasn’t all perfect, I’m still thankful for all the experiences and challenges. I am proud to have passed the year still standing strong. Scrap the Mayan calendar that indicated  the world would be ending this year. We’re past the deadline and we’ll be surviving more calendars.

For 2013, I wish for good health and a much more successful year in terms of career, family life and financial status for me and my loved ones. It excites me to think of the surprises 2013 has in store for me.

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