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Maids of Honor

Ezrela Erin I. Candelaria

We met during 3rd year high school. She was a transferee and we didn’t really get to together until 4th year HS. She had a different circle of friends and so did I. She was quiet but smart. Our friendship started sometime during our 4th year in high school and continued even after we went back home for college. We became best friends even before starting 1st year in college. We would text each other so often that my 300 worth of credit lasts only 3 days maximum. Hahaha! We see each other often, with her coming over during semestral breaks or me traveling to Batangas to spend some days during vacation. We’ve had ups and downs as it is normal in any friendship/relationship but our bond is stronger that mighty bond. (Bwahaha, korni–but true!)


Jeremy Joy A. Bondoc

Jemi and I go a loooong way back. We met when I came to PSD in 1994 as a 2nd grader. We were classmates till we finished high school. We don’t really have fights coz Jemi has the patience of a saint and is really very kind. Although we’ve had tampuhans but nothing really serious. I remember her getting mad at me when I became the 1st honor in 3rd and 4th grade. Hahaha! Kids.. *head shaking* Whenever we go home for vacation in the Philippines, we never miss to call up each other every now and then. We update each other with our activities and stuff. When we went back home for college, we both took entrance exams in Miriam College and University of Santo Tomas. When we finally got the results, we discussed and we decided we wanted to go to UST even though we are taking different courses. During 1st year college, my uncle and I used to pass by Jemi’s house to pick her up in the morning since our class schedules were the same and we’d go home together as well.


Β Best Man

Clifford B. dela Cruz

Cliff or as Lav calls him, “Treport”, is Lav’s closest male cousin. They grew up together in Muntinlupa and are staying together now in Singapore. (I have to ask Lav to write something about him and Cliff in this regard.. :P)



Β Madel Lynn R. Basa

Madel and I met when she transferred to PSD during 3rd high school. She was quiet and a little bit mataray. We got together sometime during 3rd year. Initially, I tried to befriend her when I found out that her father also works at the same company as my Dad. But I was a little bit shy but eventually we became friends anyway. πŸ™‚ Madel is a very generous friend, kind and God fearing. She loves traveling and going out to try something new.


Gerna Kristel Tagapulot

Similar with Madz, she came to PSD during 3rd year high school. She’s the brains of our group and graduated as valedictorian of the batch. She’s very liberal which is our common thing, and very game with almost everything. Very independent and indeed a strong woman. I’ve never seen her cry, but my other friends did! *envy* Hahaha! This girl is sporty yet kikay, very much! Hahaha!


Eloisa P. Olalia

One of my funnest, noisiest and craziest friends ever! Hahaha! Game for… Almost everything. Well, game for any drinking session back in college, I’m not sure as of the moment. Hahaha! πŸ˜› I’ll have to check on that. One of the best supporting friend I’ve had, very honest with her opinions and straightforward. Cute and pretty biik Aisa. πŸ™‚


Irene T. Buenaobra

Sweet.. It’s her nickname given by our friends in college because she was, well, sweet. It stuck with her until now and we barely recognize or respond when someone calls her by her real name, Irene. Hahaha. We’ve gotten so used of calling her Sweet that we almost forgot her true name is Irene. We used to cut class in college and go to SM San Lazaro to shop for… something personal. Hahaha.Β Very sweet friend indeed and has been very helpful to me during the critical moments of our preparations. πŸ˜‰


Ivy Barcelon

Ivy, or Bim as Laviel calls her. He’s Laviel’s best bud back in college. Someone whom he feels comfortable to open up to. (Other than me, I hope. :p)


Katrina Khristel Sarmiento

Kach, one of the simplest friends I’ve had. Very down to earth and kind.


Ma. Frisca Isabel Evaristo



Secondary Sponsors

Kyrene Fernandez

Kye, we weren’t actually in the same circle earlier in college but got together during the final years when I discovered her craziness and her alcoholic nature. Hahaha. I’m kidding. But really, she is one of the few who is game almost every time a drinking session is being cooked up. πŸ˜› She’s the mean girl, mataray of the biiks. Aisa and Kye bash each other’s trip. Hahaha. And I must say, she has been very helpful to me during my “deciding dilemma”. πŸ˜› one of my kikay buddy and Tagaytay buddy (back then) as well, by the way. πŸ™‚


Mary Lubery R. dela Cruz

Luby is Laviel’s youngest sister and the baby in their family. πŸ™‚ Young and sweet and often times thought to be the ate instead of Ate Babes. Hehehe! πŸ™‚

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